Scan 34.jpeg

statement of blue

fingers drag on whetstone like breathing with color and oil. in other words: drag along down over and across and dear draw movement in the hopes of swinging stirring likeness. touch, drag smear over and across. likeness like this movement. movement in a likeness // likeness in a movement. wet round eyes like soft porous fingers drag along and hope to hold movement. hope to hold/behold movement with eyes touching like a finger. breathe with breathing in sound. or not. hold/behold movement in one moment eight eyes dragging along like soft porous fingertips. be/hold movement in a moment. still like when everything moves around you just so. be/hold movement in a moment. work in a still work in a touch like pressing down a floating fuzz gently resolutely with a finger. blue and sound harden softly around edges. be/holding movement through a moments where edges cut clean but blues make them shake. shaking stillness in a moment seen by skin. shaking stillness through a moment seen through fingertips. blue and wax make clear edges wont to shifting. shifting edges and touch brought down by blue.